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Delivery Dates

Delivery Dates

Delivery dates are always such a big problem in this business, and I completely understand why these dilemmas exist.  So I decided to make a calendar available to my customers showing an approximate delivery date schedule.  You will find it in the navigation MENU under Policies.  Please remember that these dates are not written in […]

Photography thoughts….

  Things have been so busy this year, that I have actually made up my mind to hire a few photographers to relieve my schedule this year.  Honestly, I sometimes feel like my whole life is being swallowed up by Kinder Kouture and work.  Not that I am bothered by it.  I think most of […]

I believe in PINK….

At least I do now……. Hi everyone, I am still alive, and I am still here.  Just working to get everyone’s dresses out of the door before Easter.  I decided to take a short moment….or a short break…..and show you the EVELYN dress in pink.  Isn’t it just too cute?  I was actually quite surprised […]

Tiffany Dress is almost ready to say Goodbye

I hate saying goodbye to some of my favorite dresses.  In this case, since it is one of my favorite color combinations, as well as fabric combinations, it is especially hard.  However, after going through several bolts of fabric, I decided it was time.  I have enough fabric to make about three more dresses and […]

Camillia in Blue

  Here is a gorgeous dress I made for a customer over the weekend.  As promised, I took soem pictures to show you.  I have had it listed under the CAMELIA dress (blue).  I realize that I had no pictures to post, because I was overwhelmed with so many easter orders, but here is your […]

Status: Booked

I apologize for not being seen or heard from over the last few weeks……..things have been very busy at Kinder Kouture.  I spent Friday cutting out 28 of these pretty dresses, and believe it or not, I am still not finished.  No complaints here.  I agree the Evelyn dress is beautiful.  However, I have tried […]

Baby Bunny Pinny

A new pattern, a new dress?  Yup.  Another one.  LOL.  In this case, I was asked by one of my customers to make a baby dress, long before I made all of these other dresses.   I really love trying new patterns, and I could never sew the same dresses over and over again.  However, […]

Sweet Bunny Dress

  I am so in love with this LITTLEST print from Art Gallery Fabrics.  It is just perfect for a baby dress, and of course I just had to have it.  The fact that there are little bunnies all over it helps too.  I also love the colors.  Apricots, Mint Green, and little bits of […]

My methods……

This is an updated picture of the BLOSSOM Dress.  Isn’t it cute?  I assume that the first pictures I took with Olivia did not really reveal the true colors of this gorgeous dress.  I love the light tones of apricot and aqua.  It is a beautiful combination.  This dress is still available for shipping before […]

Introducing Madeline…..

So this dress actually has a funny little story behind it.  The dress was an oops.  Yup a big oops…..and to be honest it was my second oops.  I laugh about it now, but it really bothered me all day yesterday.  You see I don’t work well under pressure, and this dress was the final […]

Happy Sunday…

Here are a few baby dresses I finished up on Friday.  I worked until Midnight friday just to finish up so I could relax on Saturday.  Things are getting very busy around here.  According to my calendar, which I just updated,  I am booked through March 22nd.  Of course, I left my weekends open just [...]


I hope you don\'t find yourself getting sick of all these dresses and all this prettiness.  I know that I have enjoyed making these new dresses, and I look forward to making a lot more.  LOL.  The final color is our Blue Robin, and for some reason the polka dot is more aqua then blue, [...]

Lily Modeled

There really isn’t that much to say…….just a lot to see.  We obviously had a busy weekend.  The sun was shining, and we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and stayed outside for most of the day. We  finally modeled most of the dresses that were completed.  Olivia really was tired of it by Monday, […]


SHOP HERE   Introducing another pretty Spring/Summer 2014 Ruffle Dress.  This gorgeous fabric from Tanya Whelan, is on an ivory colored background this time, with various shades of large pink roses.  It has a very vintage, girly feeling to it, and combined with the pink sash and shoulder ruffles, it makes a perfect party dress. […]

What’s in a name…

We finally got some sunshine, and oh …………….it feels so nice. It is still pretty cold, but the warmth of the sun feels great.  So while everyone was out in their yards all day, and the kids were riding their bikes, I decided to take at least 30 minutes and photograph Olivia in one dress. […]